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This is a unique opportunity to create income ethically, whilst making a significant impact on the sustainability of the Planet!!

There has never has there been a more important time to be involved in solutions that heal our Earth

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I have been involved with direct sales and network marketing for over 15 years. I was thrilled to find a company whose compensation structure is so uniquely designed that it rewards Representatives at all levels of achievement, whether they be new to this industry or an accomplished veteran. This Company has set in place so many firsts, not the least of which is their creation of the flexible ‘Multi-Channel Enterprise System’, incorporating principles of retailing, home presentations, fundraising, network marketing and other sales models. It is, and will continue to be, an eminent vehicle for those wanting to take control of their financial future. – Glen Martin Senior Executive

I adore this company with an absolute passion! I have only been working(well having fun actually) with my new business since May and am already ahead of my goals. Because ONE Group is ahead of the wave with its innovative products and compensation plan, people are seeing the potential and wanting to help spread the message with great excitement. The Founders of the company have the highest integrity and the products are nothing short of brilliant. The creative reward system is quite different from the old paradigm of network marketing, and allows almost anyone to move into a high-income bracket within a realistic timeframe. Everyone wants to be happy, healthy, make his or her fortune and have plenty of time to enjoy life to the fullest. With ONE Group not only can you do all that, but you can make an enormous difference to the Planet by educating and introducing people to a healthier way of life. I look forward to getting up each day as I have a fulfilling purpose in helping people to rid their lives of chemical rubbish, become healthier and earn money at the same time. Awesome! – Wendy Bryan Senior Executive

“Having a close affinity and love for nature and it’s beauty, as well as a passion for seeing people fulfil their highest potential, it was natural for me to choose ONE Group to work with. I am moved and inspired by the sincerity and vision of the company directors and am grateful for the quality of people that are joining ONE Group, who also share a enthusiasm for truth and health. Together, we are making a positive contribution in the world. The win/win Multi-Channel business model truly allows each person to serve and prosper in their own unique way.”

– Alora Waldron
Senior Executive

Your Opportunity to Profit from the $60 Billion Dollar Organics Industry

ONE Group, a global leader in the organics industry has created the world’s first extensive range of certified organic personal care products. ONE Group’s complete skin care range has been certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) – to the highest organic food standards!

The Potential is Massive

1. The global organics industry is now worth in excess of US $60 Billion per annum (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture) and has been growing an average of 20% per year for the last ten years.

2. Demand for genuine, profitable home-based business opportunities is also at an all time high with the global direct sales segment alone estimated to be worth over US $114 Billion (Direct Selling Association).

3. Combine all of this with the emergence of the massive green & eco-friendly market place estimated to be worth US $420 Billion by 2010 (Nielson White Paper) and you have an amazing window of opportunity!

ONE Group has seen the Opportunity to combine these Powerful Trends and has now made it Possible for You to Profit from this Booming Ethical Industry!

This is your chance to be a part of the health, wellness and green industry boom. The recent financial crisis has impacted nearly everyone and means more and more people are searching for a new way of doing things. Get ahead of the trend with ONE Group and help the growing numbers of people just like you who are looking for an alternative.

  • Are you tired of working hard and not getting ahead?
  • Are you concerned about our economy and how you can afford to retire?
  • Would you like to create a successful business of your own?
  • Are you sick of the hype and promises of “get rich quick schemes”?
  • Are you looking for a genuine home-based income with low overheads and start-up costs?
  • Would you like to work flexible hours so you can spend more time with family and friends?
  • Would you like to work with a highly principled, mission oriented company?
  • Would you like to have a positive effect on people’s health & well being & the environment?
  • Are you ready to take control of your financial situation and make a genuine difference?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions then read on to find out about an incredible world first opportunity providing everyday people with real solutions to these pressing problems….

Amazing World First Opportunity

There is an exciting window of opportunity to build a lucrative, environmentally sustainable business helping others realize their own health and lifestyle goals.

ONE Group’s unrivalled range of organic products are a world first breakthrough in certified organics. Being certified to international “Food” standards these products are simply the purest on the planet and literally good enough to eat!

Unrivalled Products

Certified organic products that contain absolutely no synthetic chemicals are exactly what today’s health-conscious consumers are seeking. ONE Group creates products of unrivalled purity that achieve results people talk about. Our full range of over 100 products includes skin – body – hair – baby – cosmetic – oral – nutritional & household products with a retail price that is realistic and affordable.

The Company

ONE Group has experienced steady debt-free growth from its beginnings in Australia and now has an International Representative base spanning 5 major economies. Success stories are being created world-wide and this is your opportunity to be one of them.

Ethical and Green

ONE Group is committed to a green, organic and sustainable future. Not only does ONE Group proudly support the efforts of the David Suzuki Foundation, a scientifically based, solution-orientated environmental fund but we are carbon neutral, funding sustainable energy initiatives to offset all energy used in head office, our production facility and our global deliveries.

The Business Model

ONE Group has created its innovative Multi-Channel Distribution System by combining the best of the Network Marketing model, which allows people to get into business with very little financial risk, with a variety of traditional distribution and promotion methods. We offer a range of business building strategies such as e-commerce, print advertising, retail sales, markets, expos, fundraising, educational presentations and home spa events.

Benefit from ONE Group’s positive, ethical culture that promotes education & empowerment without the hard sell! We offer an innovative, no hype business system that encourages you to go beyond your existing networks and focus on providing service and education that you will be proud of.

Financial Rewards

You will be rewarded for your effort with generous commissions and the potential to build significant residual income over time with an eco friendly, sustainable business.

Affordable Entry

Starting a ONE Group business won’t cost the Earth. A small investment buys your very own Home-Based Organics Business that includes a fully hosted and maintained website and state-of-the-art software to deliver all the information you need run a successful businesses.


You can choose to focus locally or go global, grow a large or a modest enterprise, work flexible hours in either your spare time or work full time. It’s all up to you, but with as little as 5-8 hours a week you will be well on your way to building a substantial income stream.

Full Training and Support

ONE Group offers complete training and support in the form of personal coaching, online and phone seminars, newsletters, sales & marketing materials, and access to product brochures, catalogues and promotional items. From day 1 you will be guided and mentored at your own pace through a simple training system that we tailor to your personal situation. Whether you want a supplementary income or wish to build a large and lucrative business you get all the assistance you need to ensure you reach your goals.

Join Our Team

When you join our team we will show the most successful marketing strategies to generate customers and contacts to start growing your business immediately. We are experienced online marketers who can help you get your message out to the biggest market place in the world – the Internet!

By joining our team you will also be eligible to participate in a number of lead generation options we provide and have access to team support websites built specifically to assist you build and market your business. Our team is proactive, friendly and successful – so if you decided to pursue this opportunity you will be building a business for yourself, but not by yourself!

The Opportunity is Real and the Time is Right

With the wellness and organic sectors continuing to boom, partnering with ONE Group can offer you an ethical way to reap substantial financial rewards. This is a unique opportunity for motivated people like you, to share in our rapidly growing success, and to benefit financially while helping others create the healthy and sustainable lifestyles they desire.

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I wish you and your family lots of sunshine in your hearts, immense health, success, joy, fulfillment and endless blessings.

In love and service ♥

Eliane Carbajal

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Testimonials about Eliane:

During the short time I have known Eliane, she has distinguished herself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in the fields of social entrepreneurship, leadership and management. I have enormous respect for her teaching and leadership skills, and I am pleased to work with her.
Eliane leads by example and I find her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. In my opinion, Eliane’s unwavering devotion to humanity exemplifies strong moral fiber and character. She is a trustworthy individual and would be an excellent business leader to work with. I strongly and without any reservations recommend her. – Samwel Rao

The best things in life are free, and I truly value your uplifting words that awake my soul and push it to dance, thank you for being my friend:) thank you for making a difference, thank you for teaching and loving!  My heart beats to the drum of your souls footprints!  -Namaste Leslie Fun

Eliane you certainly have a beautiful way with words, I love everything you said and everything about you, happy to be connected with someone so with what it’s all about! Thanks you so much.          – Brandon James

It’s rare to find such a beautiful soul, and Eliane is one of the best. Caring, super friendly, always up for a conversation about the fate of the planet or the goodness of humanity.  I hope we’ll meet again somewhere Eliane! Keep shining your beautiful light!    – Jem Bamford

One of the most beautiful souls on the planet! Eliane is an angel, with the spirit that will uplift and empower you… the “real” thing! – Robin Gandin

When you are inspired by some great purpose, all your thoughts break their bonds. Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be. - Patanjali

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” – Margaret Mead

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